Miji Brand Development

Miji has been successful in building their brand in the premium segment for Chinese consumers. Business expansion into commercial and mass market segments required a repositioning and clear market communication.


How to best support the business diversification and market expansion?
How to prepare the grounds for Miji’s introduction to foreign markets?


Develop a visual identity around the strong Miji Design Germany brand with clearly distinguishing the 3 areas of business:

  • Premium consumers
  • Mid-market segment
  • Professional user

Follow up with a complete redesign of the Miji web presence, all product packaging, brand & product communication.

Design pilot products for the new brand Miji Home and for the premium brand Miji Design Germany.


JungleFish created and implemented a the new visual identity guidelines with new sub-brand logos, corporate fonts, colors and all stationery templates as well as the definition of brand application to products. Miji Design Germany can now be positioned as the premium brand while Miji Home remains more dynamic and emotional with more affordable products. The third sub-brand Miji Pro is defined as reliable, systematic and solid with clean and functional communication material.