How We Work – Brand Design Process

We work with a proven and easy to apply process, that ensures you get results which really impact your business. We often hear that creativity requires chaos and out of the box thinking. However, from our many years of experience we know that a structured approach will lead to better results. Good design creates business.



Every project starts with understanding. Before  engaging in any creative activity we need to quickly understand our client,  their business, and their environment.


Good ideas don’t come easy. Creating the relevant insight is paramount to foster creative innovation. We need to explore the space defined by the brand and our client’s portfolio and complement this with a deep understanding of user needs and their emotional connection to the brand and the products. We need to identify the triggers for purchase.


With opportunities for innovation mapped and insight readily available we define together with our client the target for design.

Phase 2: CREATE


With the target clearly defined our creative staff will focus on illustrating ideas that best translate the requirements into initial design concepts for selection.


The most promising concepts make it to the design phase. They are feasible, interesting, innovative and right on target.


We review the concepts with our clients and possibly with end customers and users to gather as much feedback as possible in an early stage of the product development process.


The winning concept will be refined to a final design. Depending on the complexity of the design, the strategic importance of design and constraints, an additional phase of testing with users might be introduced.



Once the design is approved we prepare the final artworks and specifications and prepare a production mock-up.


The finished design is transferred to production. We supervise production and ensure it follows specifications and design intent.