The alluring “A”

Development of a brand visual for shop design and packaging

Inclusion Factory brand consolidation

The social enterprise’s growth in scope and professionalism made a shift in the brand expressions necessary: the new suit fits perfectly.

China website and slogan for Funk Group

German family-owned and globally active insurance and risk experts can better connect with Chinese clients with new China website and Chinese brand slogan.

Fresh and clean air by design

Comprehensive Corporate Design and Branding for Fresh Air System targeting B2B and B2C market.

The robots are here

Fast-track website development for thriving Chinese-US Robotics company ForwardX.

Managing Co-Branding for Educational Programs

ACEM Business school and Jiaotong University: the complexity of a Visual Identity design system, that has to consider many co-branding situations.
Brand Icon

CI Design for China Exhibition Builder

Corporate Identity design project for leading automotive exhibition specialist Ambrosius China. Brand DNA, Website - CI Design for China

Elegant Complexity

Arabic calligraphy workshop with our brand design intern Leyla.

Systematic and Fresh Biopharma

Brand Identity System and implementation of key touch-points for biopharma enterprise

Don’t stop now!

Fast results despite Corona-Virus: Chime Biologics in Wuhan and JungleFish develop new brand identity and website.

Diamonds without mining

Lab Grown Diamonds by Rene are created through technology, not mined from the earth. JungleFish developed messaging and branding.

JungleFish receives CSR Award

On September 2, 2019, we received the Platinum Award for Corporate Social Responsibility for our work with Inclusion Factory.

Play around the table

Packaging and marketing material for new Miji cooker endorsed by German Ping Pong Royalty

Through the bamboo forest, gaze at the Stars

Star Village - an innovative eco-lodge in Sichuan - is the latest endeavor of Tony, founder of Tony’s Farm. JungleFish created the brand identity.

Bespoke experiences in Italy

A fresh start: brand and online platform for Milano24ore – Travel Boutique for Italy

Engineering. Tailored.

Efficient Branding and Messaging for Gas Compressor.

Energy-Saving Windows from Germany

Localized branding and messaging for a global leader in energy-saving window profiles.

Ecquality Showroom

Handcrafted solid wood flooring and furniture in Wuxing – brand identity and showroom concept by JungleFish

Communicating Chairs

New bi-lingual print brochures and online features for UE Chairs

A Stronger Profile

Brand creation, messaging and B2C-online platform help promote German window profile brand VEKA in China.

Juicy Tangerines

Tony’s Farm tasked JungleFish with the development of new packaging for their delicious organic tangerines.

Brand Slogan for Korean F&B experts

Symmetrical, clear, memorable: new Chinese slogan helps market expansion to China

Engage, Learn, Grow

Special Education Experts ELG grow their brand with a comprehensive rethinking and redesign of all touch-points.

It’s Christmas!

Happy Festivus!