Catalan Creativity in China

Barcelona Catalonia Culture Week is an initiative to promote Catalan art, culture and creativity in China and to encourage intercultural exchange.

We developed the visual identity of the whole event framing all the visuals inside four corners of Catalan culture icons – Dali’s melting clock, Gaudí’s “Trencadis” mosaic, human towers, Miro’s abstract shapes, Barcelona’s urban grid and Catalan flag.

From the compact 12x12cm program brochure to 5×10 meters banner, through shirts, website, backdrops, banderoles, stages, digital media communication and magazine advertising – all in all, around 100 visual pieces were created.

Three exhibitions were designed and implemented by JungleFish: Gaudí artwork in 3d by Gabi Beneyto, FAD architecture and interior design awards and Laus graphic design awards.