Inclusion Factory

Every now and then we take on a pro-bono project. It is very rewarding to work for a project with social impact and we feel happy if our contribution can help a great cause.

Inclusion Factory is a contract manufacturer providing high-quality assembly services of state-of-the-art cable harnesses and sub-assemblies for industrial and consumer products.

What’s special about Inclusion Factory is, that their workers are all physically or mentally challenged: with the help of Inclusion Factory’s coaches they can participate in professional life and become more and more self-reliant. The concept is based on and supported by the German “Lebenshilfe”, a charitable organization founded in 1958. The purpose now and then: enabling challenged individuals to fully participate in social life.The project was initiated two years ago by a group of German companies in Taicang, a busy industry hub close to Shanghai, and enjoys great support from both Taicang Government and the Disabled People’s Federation of China.

JungleFish is supporting Inclusion-Factory with professional brand communication. Our motto is, “do good and talk about it”. Brochures, stationary, signage, and a new website help to create the right image and targeted communication for Inclusion Factory.

You can help with outsourcing some of your assembly work to them or contributing with goods or services. Quality is excellent, delivery time reliable, and costs are competitive.