Jin Xing “Trinity”

Modern Dance Icon Jin Xing is presenting her program “Trinity” in several Chinese cities. For each performance three out of six international dance pieces can be experienced.

Brand and Communication design for such a world-class dance troupe requires a careful balance of information design and creativity. Our collaboration began with the promotion kit for the Jin Xing Dance Theatre (JXDT). We started with interviewing the master and her senior dancers followed by interviews of impresarios in Europe and USA to better understand the values and success factors of the JXDT.

The result is a transparent box with six booklets and a dance company brochure. The individual booklets engage the reader to interact with the performance: each piece is introduced in an eight-page booklet bound in translucent red paper. The red paper functions as an optical filter that hides some of the graphics on the underlying page. This way the audience triggers the story by opening the pages and revealing the hidden information. We also created various posters to promote the performances.