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Lacquers ready for Mars

German Lacquer Pioneer “Lackwerke Peters” is one of Germany’s “hidden champions”, their products are used in household appliances but also in such extreme environments like that of Mars during one of the NASA missions.

Peters required a new, systematic identity that reflected their international standing and innovative attitude.
The existing brand identity had grown very heterogeneously with various product brands that showed only little interconnectedness and visual coherence.

In close collaboration with strategic management JungleFish developed a clear and consistent identity with a family of product brands. In the center of the new identity stands the concept of shades of lacquer that resonate with Peters’ key product.

After the corner stones of the brand were defined we tackled the website. The multi-language (5) platform should not only showcase the new brand family but also allow faster and more elaborate retrieval of products. With a real-time filter and cross-links to relevant case studies, the new website provides a better user experience for the professional clientele.
Product packaging, brochures and a modular exhibition system were developed concurrently.

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