Engage, Learn, Grow

Special Education Experts ELG grow their brand with a comprehensive rethinking and redesign of all touch-points.

It’s Christmas!

Happy Festivus!

CSR Website “More than a Market” goes live

The new platform for the German-Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility Award

The Value of Brand Maintenance

Regularly updating brand guidelines keeps them relevant and allows for necessary adjustments: Peters Brand Book v.2.0

JungleFish learns Russian

Naturally clean - cheerful POP design for upcoming, eco-friendly Russian detergent brand entering China.

Lean back and Enjoy!

Furniture brand UE has successfully launched its new line of reclining chairs. Not without JungleFish design support!

Tangram Branded Gift

Eco-friendly packaging and product development for Ecquality

Rotary Shanghai Website

Visualizing great community spirit of a venerable NGO

The Beauty of Gymnastics

Brand Identity and product line for leading gymnastics brand


Economic & Trade magazine's interview with JungleFish about the state of design in China

Bottles …

Out of the box: still life of bottle design concepts.

Top 10 design firm in Zhejiang

2017 starts with a bang: Top 10 Award from IDA

Inclusion Factory

Promoting the first Handicapped Workshop in China

3rd Community Dance Project

Design support for third installation of Harmony Shanghai intercultural dance project since 2012

Relax in Anji

Key visuals and marketing material for new reclining chair

Running and running …

Bi-lingual Verbal and Visual Brand Identity for high-performance B2B batteries

Jin Xing “Trinity”

Promoting Modern Dance in China

Profiling the elusive Chinese Consumer

JungleFish article about Consumer insight published in GCTicker magazine

timber your life

Premium Identity for Solid Wood products made in China

Gold at last

JungleFish scores Gold at 2015 Transform Asia-Pacific Awards

make it!

New Identity for Industry 4.0 themed business park

Catalan Creativity in China

Event and exhibition design for Barcelona Catalonia Culture Week

transform asia award

We are delighted to be shortlisted for the 2015 transform Asia Pacific award

Mid-Autumn festival packaging

Promoting organic food stuff with joyful and inviting visual communication