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Too close to the sun

Naming a pioneering supersonic business jet would have been a great privilege. Unfortunately, financial reality tied this project to the ground.
2023-07-06/by Phil

Brand name, VI and website for global performance adhesives

A comprehensive B2B branding project including naming with trademark support, corporate design and website.
2023-01-11/by Phil

Obol & Ulix for better home offices

Helping to introduce a new product category for long-term client UE chairs with bi-lingual copy writing and brochure design.
2022-06-10/by Phil

Inclusion Factory brand consolidation

The social enterprise’s growth in scope and professionalism made a shift in the brand expressions necessary: the new suit fits perfectly.
2021-08-26/by Phil

China website and slogan for Funk Group

German family-owned and globally active insurance and risk experts can better connect with Chinese clients with new China website and Chinese brand slogan.
2021-06-11/by Phil

Diamonds without mining

Lab Grown Diamonds by Rene are created through technology, not mined from the earth. JungleFish developed messaging and branding.
2019-11-05/by Phil

Play around the table

Packaging and marketing material for new Miji cooker endorsed by German Ping Pong Royalty
2019-09-01/by Phil

Bespoke experiences in Italy

A fresh start: brand and online platform for Milano24ore – Travel Boutique for Italy
2019-05-31/by Phil

Engineering. Tailored.

Efficient Branding and Messaging for Gas Compressor.
2019-03-20/by Phil

A Stronger Profile

Brand creation, messaging and B2C-online platform help promote German window profile brand VEKA in China.
2018-07-10/by Phil

Brand Slogan for Korean F&B experts

Symmetrical, clear, memorable: new Chinese slogan helps market expansion to China
2018-03-28/by Phil

Engage, Learn, Grow

Special Education Experts ELG grow their brand with a comprehensive rethinking and redesign of all touch-points.
2018-01-23/by Phil
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